Treviso and its province are teeming with restaurants, trattorias and wine bars which invite visitors to drop in. Eating and drinking well is a true commandment for Treviso's inhabitants. The cuisine is of excellent quality and closely tied to seasonal products.

Some of the specialties only eaten here include: sopa coada, a soup with pigeon meat, or various pasta and rice dishes with wild herbs and vegetables, such as risotto with wild asparagus (bruscandoi). With its famous red chicory (radicchio) Treviso prepares many dishes, the most famous of which is risotto al radicchio. Other pasta courses popular in Treviso include bigoli thick homemade spaghetti served with duck or sausage sauce, risi e bisi (rice with peas) and pasta e fagioli (pasta with beans).

Abundant amounts of meat are eaten; the most widespread dishes include assorted meat on skewers, grilled meat, sliced steak with herbs, but even more unusual products such as baked goose and snail stew. Cold cuts cannot be left out, often served as antipasto: the most typical are soppressa, a large flavorful salami, and ossocollo. Meat and cold cuts are often served with polenta, or peverada, a strong sauce made from liver and spices. Fall is synonymous with mushrooms, a true must on Treviso's tables.

Another great product from these areas are cheeses: the soft, unripened Stracchino and Casatella come from the plains, while Montasio and Soligo and other specialties such as Bastardo del Grappa, smoked ricotta and "drunk" cheese (ripened on marc) come from the mountain area. Fish is not traditional in Treviso, with the exception of trout, but given the closeness to the sea there are also excellent fish restaurants.

Lastly sweets: there are many types, but the most famous Treviso sweet is definitely tiramis¨.

Wine: Veneto is the region which produces the most wine in Italy and Treviso is no exception. The darling of the Marca lives in its hills, Prosecco
di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, omnipresent on every table in Treviso. It is a white wine with a flowery fruity bouquet, mainly produced in spumante and sparkling versions. The offering of this area also includes Colli di Conegliano, a DOC wine with an aromatic and smooth white and full-bodied grassy red. From a small area at the feet of Monte Cansiglio comes a top quality white passito of limited production: Torchiato di Fregona. Further south, the fertile lands of the Piave river produce good Merlot, Cabernet, Tocai, Verduzzo, and Pinot as well as a very popular native wine: Raboso, a red with a dry and straightforward taste. No respectful meal would end without a nice glass of grappa, which is an object of worship in this land. There are many different types: white, refined in wood, aged, single grape type, flavored with herbs or fruit.

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