Section Treviso is by Lucia Maria Benedetti.


I live in Treviso, a small but very nice town placed in the Veneto region of north-east Italy (about 30 Km. from Venice), with a population of around 82,000.
Treviso is situated in a fertile plain at the confluence of the Sile and Botteniga rivers. It is a town of many underground waters, with rivers, canals, bridges and embankments. It is unique, with its canals, that make it similar to a little Venice far from the sea.
It is the capital of the province of Treviso, which is also called Marca Trevigiana.
The Marca Trevigiana is well-known as "Joyous, amorous and glorious Marca".
To the "Joyous and amorous Marca" epithet, conferred to the town in the middle Ages because of the flowering of courtly culture,  the adjective of glorious was added for being the scene of the decisive battles of World War I (Monte Grappa, Piave, Vittorio Veneto....) and victim of a tragic bombing in World War II, with about 1,000 civilian deaths and the destruction of 80% of the built heritage including historical and artistic monuments (7th April 1944).
On April 13, 1948 it was awarded the Gold Medal for Valor military.
Among the elements that make Treviso a city made to man's meausure, there certainly is the fact that one can walk across the city portion develops within the City Walls in twenty minutes.
Treviso  has a historic centre lying within the sixteenth-century walls ( formerly the main defensive stronghold, now a place of promenades) with their monumental gates.
It is a town of art (the attribute of "a city of city" it was awarded in the year 2000) and culture, where life is lived in style.
The churches, the frescoed houses, the Town Museum, the art galleries, the squares and the flowing waters, that  won Treviso the title of "Water City", the Comisso literaty prize and last but not least the small restaurants and inns with Treviso local gourmet specialities: everything leads the visitor to feel at ease, like a special guest.
Treviso is known today in the world especially for the talent of its entrepreneurs and the industriousness of its people. In its territory there are a myriad of small and large enterprises. Here were born out of nothing some trademarks which have become famous all over the world (Benetton, Stefanel, Lotto, Diadora, De Longhi....).

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